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Frequently asked questions

All your questions about PrivX are answered here

What is a host in this context?

"Connected host" means a workstation, server, network appliance, or any other logical or physical network entity connections to which are controlled or audited by the Software, regardless of whether these connections are direct or routed via another network element such as a jump server, bastion host, application server, or gateway.

Does the number of users affect the price?

No. Only the number of hosts.

What if I want a solution with more than 500 hosts?

Please contact our sales for details here.

Can I use my own client on my workstation, or do I need to use a browser to connect to hosts using PrivX?

Yes, you can use your own client. PrivX will enable connecting to hosts via browser by default, but if you purchase the SSH agent add-on feature, users can connect using native clients on Linux & Mac. Support for Windows native clients such as PuTTY is on it’s way. Contact sales for more information about connecting using your native clients

Where can I download PrivX?

Latest versions and release notes are catalogued on our Support site. Please visit

Is PrivX a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product?

No. PrivX can be installed easily on-premise and to the cloud but it is not a SaaS product.