Trusted access at the speed of DevOps and the scale of the cloud

PrivX accelerates secure access to the cloud, minimizes administrative work, eliminates the risks of stolen credentials and scales up and down as your business needs change.

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PrivX pricing


$298/ month

Powerful tool for managing team access to cloud.

  • 50 host limit

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Recommended plan


$548/ month

Powerful tool for managing growing team access to cloud.

  • 100 host limit

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$988/ month

Powerful tool for managing company R&D unit access to cloud.

  • 200 host limit

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$1978/ month

Powerful tool for managing the whole company access to cloud.

  • 500 host limit

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Need more than 500 hosts?

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DevOps teams — Access that matches the speed & scale of the cloud & DevOps

  • Move from configuring access-per-person to associating the person with an access group
  • Zero-footprint solution: immune to the changes in your infrastructure, front-end or back-end
  • Control 3rd party access and keep up with employees who join and leave

Admins — Let the hosts find you with auto-discovery

  • Auto-discover hosts to keep up with the ever-changing cloud set-up
  • One click to granting access to the right host
  • Get rid of the cloud instances you don’t need and save money

Developers — One login and you are cleared to go

  • One login and you know which host to access right away
  • No clients to install, configure or update
  • Change devices, teams or roles and enjoy the same ease of login

CISOs — Secure access that can’t be stolen

  • Every session comes with an identity: no surprises from internal, external or 3rd party actors
  • No credentials or SSH keys to lose, forget or manage
  • Short-lived sessions that auto-expire without a serious risk of misuse

Give it a try

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Test drive PrivX

Start using PrivX within one day

  1. Install PrivX

    On Linux instance, Redhat or CentOS

  2. Add users

    Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP. Add local users if needed.

  3. Define roles

    Map users to roles with specific rules.

  4. Deploy hosts

    Auto-discover cloud hosts. Deploy hosts manually or with scripts.

  5. Enjoy PrivX

    Let it do the work for you

Want to learn more about PrivX?

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