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PrivX software makes managing privileged access scalable, lean and rapid to deploy. Administrators enjoy role-based access control (RBAC) and re-use of existing AD/LDAP groups to simplify access provisioning. Users make 1-click SSH or RDP connections from their browser – without sharing credentials or using SSH keys. No need to install anything on the client or the server.

Benefits for Admins

Minimize manual tasks with re-use of workflows and automation of repetitive tasks when granting privileged access. When your cloud configuration or infrastructure is updated, PrivX updates automatically. Stay on top of the state of trusted access and cloud resources day in, day out.

Flexible roles

  • Manage permissions via Roles
  • Dynamically map AD users or user groups to Roles

Custom workflows

  • Define Role membership workflows
  • Set multiple approvers to membership requests

Application Access

  • Provide access to a specific application on the Windows target host via RDP

Auto-discovery of hosts

  • Auto-discover Google Cloud, Azure & AWS instances
  • Automatically scan and add tagged cloud hosts

Easy deployment

  • Deploy static configurations with ease using Chef or Ansible
  • Agnostic to changes in policies or credentials
  • Connect to target hosts on your VPC

Benefits for Users

No need to handle SSH keys, exchange USB sticks with credentials or track down host names or IP addresses to get permission to access a resource. Just log in to PrivX and you’re in!

Single Sign-On

  • Kerberos authentication with Microsoft AD
  • Support for Microsoft Azure and LDAP
  • Support for OpenID Connect providers

Two-factor authentication

  • Support for any TOTP compatible solution such as Google Authenticator

Web-based Terminal

  • Built in full VT100 terminal emulation with resizable windows and themes

Native SSH Terminal

  • Use your favourite native Terminal application on Mac & Linux to connect to target hosts
  • Supports temporary access tokens for AWS CLI access

Benefits for IT Managers

PrivX creates just-in-time, on-demand access with short-lived certificate that expires when it’s served its purpose. Eliminate encrypted sessions and backdoors that stay open for bad actors to exploit or are lost when employees or 3rd parties leave the company.

Monitor connections

  • List ongoing connections
  • Terminate a specific connection
  • Filter connections by status and search words

Audit events

  • View audit events in the UI
  • Push system and connection based alerts to SIEM via syslog
  • Push audit events from PrivX to external monitoring services such as AWS CloudWatch and Azure Event Hub


  • TLS-based internal communication
  • AES128 GCM encryption on stored information

Record & playback sessions

  • Record browser-based SSH and RDP connections
  • Store audit trails in your preferred location

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